Who I am,

What I do,

Why I do it.

Brief Biography

Member, Apple Consultant's Network. Apple Certified Technical Coordinator, A Plus Certified. Over 25 years working with various Mac and PC Networks.

Why I do what I do

My first computer was ab Apple II. I had it for a month before I returned it, because it baffled me. My next Computer was an Osbourne 2. At the time Johnathan Rotenberg started the Boston Computer Society. I joined with him to help make computers understandable for normal people. The BCS Osbourne group was a wonderful place to learn, get public domain programs, and showed me I was not alone in being baffled by these machines. Being a BCS activist instilled in me the need to “pay it forward” to new users.

Still More about Me


Graduate of Springfield (MA) College

Served in US Navy 1978-1986

MIS Director at Gerber Electronics, Norwood, MA from January 1987 – June 2003

Founding Member of Boston Computer Society. Served on Member Services Committee, Chaired the On Line Services Committee, BBS Manager for BCS Mac group


How I do it

I do it by learning as much as I can about Apple Hardware and Software. I am an advanced expert on many of the popular programs the run on the Apple Platform. I then teach my clients how to get the most out of their devices,  how to enjoy them, and not be afraid of them. And I explain how to use their devices in a way a normal person can understand. Most important is that I thoroughly enjoy working with my clients in person and on the telephone.