Please Empty your trash/recycle bin

The trash/recycle bin is NOT a place to store important files. Neither is the desktop, but thats a topic for another blog post.  The trash/recycle bin is a place where you put files you want to delete from your computer, just like a regular trash bucket is a place where you throw paper and other material you no longer need.  and just like a real trash bucket, it needs to be emptied on a regular basis.  IF you do regular backups, you will not loose anything important. Having an empty trash/recycle bin will also help you computer run faster.  I had a client a few weeks ago that had 3.5 GB (yup GIGAbytes) of files in their trash.  Their comment after I got their permission to check and empty the trash: "Wow, its like the computer  is NEW again". So, please empty the trash/recycle bin at least daily.