Privacy Exceptions

I have been an advocate of multiple backups of your personal data and the need for secure passwords to secure this private data (and private data can be anything from bank account access to website access ). I still believe a unique secure password for each site that needs a password is necessary. Much of this information is now stored in the cloud somewhere that requires passwords to access. I am also a strong advocate of disaster pre planning. How is this related?  

We should ALL have a well thought out “pre-plan” for natural AND personal disasters. Included in this pre-plan should be the designation of someone you trust to have access to all your personal electronic data (they would have to know all your passwords to do this). This includes designating someone to  be responsible for paying your bills and spend your hard earned money if you are unable to do so. In order to make this legal, I would suggest getting the language approved by your Attorney. These plans should include stuff like designating someone to have a power of attorney, for your affairs,  any medical wishes on treatment (like do not resuscitate orders) and other forms a good attorney could suggest. PLEASE do this NOW while you are healthy.